Electrical Maintenance, DG Operation, and Power

Continuous maintenance of Electrical power distribution system, D.G set to ensure long life. To ensure maintenance of required power factor.

Plumbing maintenance, Sanitation, Water Testing & Tank Cleaning

To ensure continuous supply of quality water, testing of water to ensure safety for consumption, cleaning of underground and overhead tanks to maintain hygiene.


Undertake carpentry work on time and in effective manner to avoid inconvenience to the occupants.

HVAC Systems Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance and operations of the system is very crucial as it consume the maximum energy. Effective handling and maintenance of this will benefit in cost reduction and long life.

Elevators & Escalators

We monitor the deliverable under the AMC and co-ordinate with the OEM’s to ensure best results.

Fire Hydrant System Operation and Maintenance

This is a very important part of the whole system though may be used not frequently. Its regular testing is carried out to ensure it operates at the time required.